Yr not God, little brother.
It's the sad truth of the universe.
We are
None of us

2W, 4M

Mourning the loss of her elder son Myles, Bethea tries to help her younger son Gideon through his grief. But as revelations surrounding Myles’ incarceration and death emerge, both mother and son must decide whether to fight or let go. With wit and empathy, this play reminds us of the courage and resilience it takes to chart a better way forward for the ones we love.


World Premiere, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown, 2017: dir. Saheem Ali


Workshop, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown, 2016: dir. Liesl Tommy

Workshop, Labyrinth Theatre Company, New York City, 2015: dir. Sheryl Kaller


*Berkshire Theatre Award Nominations for Best Lighting Design (David Weiner) and Best New Play or Musical, 2017
*Edgerton Foundation New Play Award, 2017


"There is nothing shaky about “Where Storms Are Born” by Harrison David Rivers - a tight, true work from a voice that seems secure and authentic… The creation of complex characters seems to flow from Mr. Rivers’ pen, drawing the viewer into both the family and the situation… A play like this is why theater matters; we go sit in the dark to meet characters like this, and we leave thinking more fully about them, and even thirsting to know more of their journeys."
--Barbara Stroup, In the Spotlight
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"Offering radically different perspectives on the same situation by the two people most affected, that pungent exchange showcases a core strength of playwright Rivers: his ability to capture a truthful human moment while delivering a sudden flash of insight that illuminates the essence of a character."
--Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe
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"The most striking aspect of this moving, poetic, sometimes comic play is the complex and contradictory portrait he constructs foreach character…"
--Barbara Waldinger, Berkshire On Stage
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