When I was a little girl
I dreamed of being a Park Ranger
Like Smokey the Bear
I knew he wasn’t real
That he was a fictional character
A cartoon
But I still wanted to do what he did
Hang out in the forest
Teach people about fire safety
And I loved that thing he always said
“Only you can prevent wildfires”

3W, 2M

In 2002 Terry Lynn Barton, a Park Service employee, burned a letter from her estranged husband and caused the worst forest fire in Colorado's history. Park Service investigator, Kim Jones, thinks there's more to the story.


World premiere, Ricochet Collective, Teatro Circulo, New York City, 2017: dir. Sherri Eden Barber


“Fascinating...nothing short of brilliant... one of the best off-off Broadway shows I have seen to date... knows exactly how to not only stir (more like unravel) the emotions within each of us, but also makes audiences question what is hidden beneath the hard truth of the matter, and whether reality is open to interpretation.”--Kristen Morale, BroadwayWorld
Full Review: https://www.broadwayworld.com/off-off-broadway/article/BWW-Review-Hearts-Ablaze-in-Harrison-David-Rivers-ONLY-YOU-CAN-PREVENT-WILDFIRES-20171013

"Riveting... It is a compelling story; a fascinating showcase for several enormously talented actors; and a credit to the Ricochet Collective, which commissioned it."--Edward Karam, Off Off Online
Full Review: https://www.offoffonline.com/offoffonline/2017/10/20/only-you-can-prevent-wildfires

"Rivers is a tremendous new voice in the theater..."--Keith Paul Medelis, Theatre Is Easy
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