And She Leaned Over The Lip Of The Tub
And She Reached Her Hand Into The Water
And Cupped My Thing In Her Hand
I Remember She Cupped It
And She Said
This Aint No Weapon
Yr Daddy Aint Figured That Out Yet
He Might Never Figure That Out
But Im Telling You
This Aint No Weapon
You Hear Me, She Said
And I Think I Nodded
I Knew To Do That Much At Least
And She Said
No Matter How Big It Gets
It Aint No Weapon

4W, 2M, 3 Gender Neutral

In an unnamed hospital
In an unnamed city
Hecuba and her daughters
Await a diagnosis.
This dramatic re-telling of Euripides' The Trojan Women tells the story of a family fighting for survival in the midst  of a mysterious plague.


World Premiere, The Movement Theatre Company, New York City, 2017: dir. David Mendizábal


Workshop, Drama League Next Stage Residency, 2016: dir. David Mendizábal

Workshop, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, 2015: dir. David Mendizábal

Reading, PRELUDE, 2014: dir. David Mendizábal

Workshop, Drama League Rough Draft, 2014: dir. David Mendizábal


"...An audacious new work..." --Ryan Leeds, TheBroadwayBlog

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"RuPaul's Drag Race vibes in this modern version of an epic Greek tragedy. Brave, fierce, and 'a theatrical slap'...a wake-up call on so many levels!" --yesbroadway

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“You know you’re a theater geek when you don’t really read the program before watching the show and then suddenly realize, “Oh, wait a minute, this is a drag version of Euripides’ Greek tragedy The Trojan Women” – and this revelation makes you fall in love with the play almost immediately…”  --Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

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“… Harrison David Rivers’ adaptation of Euripides’ The Trojan Women, was scintillating, thought-provoking and penetrating (no pun intended). Paired with David Mendizábal’s directorial prowess, the piece was a welcomed re-imagining of a story that—let’s be real—was in desperate need of a makeover. Or, to borrow verbiage from ‘drag’ and ‘ball culture’ —foundational spaces in the world of Rivers’ play—The Trojan Women needed to have its ‘face beaten’.”  --Korde Tuttle, CULTUREBOT

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