He hugged me.
The first time we met.
Before we’d exchanged a single word of introduction

Or decided who got what bunk
Or which closet
He wrapped his arms around my middle
His head resting here
Between my shoulder and my neck
And he squeezed.

He squeezed…
And I remember I held my breath.
He pulled me in to himself.
So close.
So tight. 
So fucking tight.
And I held my breath.
No one had ever hugged me like that before.
No one has hugged me like that since.

When a young gay man is found dead in his New York apartment, his best friends are left wondering why. Part meditation and part celebration, LOOK UPON OUR LOWLINESS is a touching, unexpectedly funny story of seven men who, in the wake of a tragic loss, choose to embrace life. In a world inundated by technology and constant communication, the play examines the interconnectedness of love, loss, faith, and healing.


Workshop Production, The Movement Theater Company, New York City, 2013: dir. David Mendizábal


Workshop, New York Theatre Workshop, Hanover, NH, 2019: dir. David Mendizábal

Reading, New York Theatre Workshop, New York City, 2013: dir. David Mendizábal

Workshop, The Movement Theater Company, New York City, 2012: dir. David Mendizábal


“for the longest stage plays have been used to depict a way of life, a series of events, or taboo topics generally unseen or rarely (if at all) talked about. Digging deeper, I’ll even stand on the notion that in many ways they’ve been a voice to and for the voiceless. From fear to sadness to happiness and all in between, art on the stage has been able to turn words into moving objects and tell stories we can all relate to, both directly or indirectly, depending on how we watch… writer Harrison David Rivers and Director David Mendizabal effortlessly captured the essence of all those things and more.”  --Andrew Shade, Broadway Black
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“…well-written, with clearly-defined characters and dramatic – but not melodramatic – reveals…” --Riley Land, get on the sofa
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