We’re Baptists
That’s the name of the de-nomination
There are lots of different de-nominations
Southern Baptists
Uh… Presbyterians
[They like fire]—

the bandaged place 
1W, 3M, 1 Child

Jonah is a dancer.
Jonah is injured.
Jonah has an ex-boyfriend.

A brutal and lyrical play about the things we hang on to and the price of moving forward, the bandaged place tells the story of one man’s attempt to free himself from the abuses of his past. Jonah is forced to turn to his precocious daughter and tough love grandmother for support when a former lover resurfaces, re-opening a painful wound.


Workshop, The Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, 2018: dir. Saheem Ali

Workshop, Aurora Theatre Company, Berkeley, 2013: dir. Jennifer King

Workshop, P73, New York City, 2012: dir. Sherri Eden Barber

Workshop, Harlem Stage, New York City, 2012: dir. Sherri Eden Barber

Workshop, New York Theatre Workshop/Dartmouth, Hanover, 2010: dir. Josh Hecht