You know I have come to this beach for as long as I can remember.
On good days
And bad days
When I was happy
When I was sad
In the rain
In the snow once
Late at night
There's something about the sea.
The sea and the stars...

3W, 4M

Simon is a lifeguard. Finn is terrified of water. Both are adrift, with broken hearts, returning to the tiny beach town of Jupiter and to families who need them. A play about love, karaoke, and the sea.


Workshop, The Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, 2017: dir. David Mendizábal

Reading, National Black Theatre, New York City, 2014: dir. David Mendizábal


"...There are lots of things that stick with me from this story: a drunken man in floaties, a parrot erasing a voicemail, the untrustworthiness of a man with a last name for a first name, being lectured on determining the ripeness of mangoes. But worming into my ear are those darn karaoke songs. There was a point in the piece where a character’s performance becomes contagious and her Wilson Phillips song breaks out and takes over the play. For a moment, the theater was absolutely, fully transformed from a couple of music stands on a stage, to a dingy bar in Florida, to a band of lonely people yearning for connection and reaching out to touch one another with only the power of a power ballad... Someday somebody’s gonna make them want to turn around and produce this play. And I’ll hold on for that." -- Rachel Teagle, Minnesota Playlist
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