JULY 12 - JULY 23, 2017

Written by Harrison David Rivers
Directed by Saheem Ali

Mourning the loss of her elder son Myles, Bethea tries to help her younger son Gideon through his grief. But as revelations surrounding Myles’ incarceration and death emerge, both mother and son must decide whether to fight or let go. With wit and empathy, this play reminds us of the courage and resilience it takes to chart a better way forward for the ones we love. 

This Bitter Earth
September 22-October 22, 2017
New Conservatory Theatre Center
, San Francisco, CA
Written by Harrison David Rivers
Directed by Ed Decker

A Crack in the Sky
February 10-March 4, 2018
History Theatre
, Saint Paul, MN
Written by Harrison David Rivers & Ahmed Ismail Yusuf
Directed by Faye Price

Five Points
April 4-May 6, 2018
Theater Latte Da
, Minneapolis, MN
Book by Harrison David Rivers
Music by Ethan Pakchar & Douglas Lyons
Lyrics by Douglas Lyons

This Bitter Earth
April 26-May 20, 2018
Penumbra Theatre
, Saint Paul, MN
Written by Harrison David Rivers
Directed by Talvin Wilks

"Twin Cities playwright Harrison David Rivers, 35, is having a banner year, both in her personal life and in his career..." -Rohan Preston, Star Tribune
Full article: http://www.startribune.com/a-twin-cities-playwright-is-having-a-personal-and-professional-moment/421911753/

Williamstown Theater Fest Announces Lineup
by Ryan Burleson
February 12, 2017

Lonny Price Will Direct Legendary Romance Musical, As Part of Williamstown Season
by Andrew Gans
February 10, 2017

Jessica Hecht, S. Epatha Merkerson, and More Set for Williamstown Theatre Festival
By Bethany Rickwald
February 10, 2017

**A Crack in the Sky - commissioned by the History Theatre
Written by Harrison David Rivers and Ahmed Ismail Yusef
Directed by Harry Waters
January 14, 2017
The epic tale of Minnesota-based Somali immigrant Ahmed Ismail Yusef, who finds inspiration in Maya Angelou and Malcolm X, and discovers the power of the written word.

“Ahmed Ismail Yusef, the author of the book ‘Somalis in Minnesota,’ teamed up with Playwrights' Center core writer Harrison David Rivers to write his story of immigration, education, and finding his voice. The result is a play that's both deeply personal and moving, and really well constructed… It's a compelling story and one that needs to be heard right now… The Somali culture and people are a part of Minnesota, and this play tells the story of one Somali immigrant with such humanity, humor, poignancy, and relatability that it might help more Minnesotans to understand and embrace them.” --Cherry & Spoon

Full review: http://www.cherryandspoon.com/2017/01/the-history-theatres-new-works-festival.html#more

**The Things I Hold That Holds The Thing I Need - commissioned by the University of Minnesota/Guthrie BFA Program
Written by Harrison David Rivers
Adapted from Euripides' Alcestis
Directed by Joe Stodola
December 1-4, 2016
Alcestis loves her husband Admetus.
But how much?
A bold re-working of Euripides' class tale of God, family, friendship
And, of course, life and death.

**Harrison is listed as one of "America's Hottest Playwrights in 2016" in the Star Tribune
Full Article: http://www.startribune.com/who-are-america-s-hottest-playwrights-in-2016/396227471

**Five Points will be featured as part of 11th Hour Theatre Company's NEXT STEP Concert Series at the Arden's Studio Theatre at the Hamilton Family Arts Center in Philadelphia, PA on November 18-20, 2016. For more information see 11th Hour's website at: http://www.11thhourtheatrecompany.org/shows/next-step/

**Harrison's playWhere Storms Are Born, directed by Tony-nominee Liesl Tommy, will be read as part of Williamstown Theatre Festival's Fridays@3 Reading Series on July 15, 2016, at 3:00 pm on the Main Stage.

**Adam Szymkowicz's recent profile of Harrisonhttp://aszym.blogspot.com/2016/06/i-interview-playwrights-part-851.html


"Harrison David Rivers will serve as the festival’s 2016 playwright-in-residence, contributing plays for the theatre’s reading series, creating program dramaturgy for playbills, and moderating post-show talkbacks."

ARTICLE: http://www.americantheatre.org/2016/03/09/williamstown-theatre-festival-announces-new-play-awards-and-commissions/

**SAVAGE UMBRELLA'S NIGHT OF NEW WORKS: Lydie, or Now That I Have Your Attention
Cobbled together by Harrison David Rivers: performed by Claire Morrison, Derek Prestly & Allison Witham
Let's say you're a little tipsy. Or possibly a lot tipsy. And let's say someone hands you a microphone. What do you say? Or more importantly: What do you say that you shouldn't? LYDIE is an in-your-face, no-holds-barred experiment in truth-telling. I mean, storytelling. I mean... Well, you get the idea.
Presented during April 2016

**A FEW GOOD MEN: BLACK MALE PLAYWRIGHTS, Uptown Magazine, February 6, 2016
ARTICLE: http://uptownmagazine.com/2016/02/a-few-good-men-black-male-playwrights/6/

**TRIPLE BILLING, Kenyon News, October 22, 2015
ARTICLE: http://www.kenyon.edu/middle-path/story/triple-billing/